London based band Al Ross and the Planets decided not to approach a record company to make their first album – instead they booked themselves into Abbey Road Studios and created their debut, appropriately named “The Planets One”.


In the current era of digital downloads, the band strongly believe there is still demand for an album of great songs. With “The Planets One” they have created not only an eclectic mix of songs for downloading, but also an immersive listening experience when listened to as a whole. Certainly with the vinyl revival and current Turntable sales, a whole new generation are discovering the joys of listening to a complete album from start to finish.


Al Ross: “We had been saving up our pocket money for years! We cobbled enough together to go to Studio 2 Abbey Road where the Beatles recorded and where some of the greatest music was created. We were fortunate enough to work with Senior Abbey Road Engineer Chris Bolster who has worked with legends including Paul McCartney, The Foo Fighters and Oasis.  Recording the album there was an incredible experience and we managed to capture the great sound and vibe of Studio 2 into our work. The reaction from Radio DJs and the Music Business has so far been very positive so we are in this for the long haul and intend to return to Abbey road to record “The Planets 2”


With four songwriters and four vocalists, Al Ross & The Planets have produced an eclectic mix of tracks and “The Planets One” certainly encapsulates a number of genres. They are delighted to see their songs and music being so well received across the board and by all age groups.


Al Ross - Vocals, Bass

Alex Mungo - Vocals, Keyboards

Paul Miller - Vocal

George E Well - Vocals, Guitar 

David Brammer - Saxophone, Flute

Julian Mungo - Acoustic Guitar

Terry Mascall - Drums 


Paul Freeney - Drums 

David Levin - Acoustic Guitar

Jeremy Huffelmann - Guitar

Tim Connell - Double Bass

Matt Liebeck - Trumpet

Sing Gospel - Choir 



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