In the early nineties, Al Ross & the Planets were one of the most popular live bands in London. Having started life playing the Soho Blues clubs, and iconic venues such as The Camden Palace, the legendary Brahms and Liszt, the Road House, the Cavern (Liverpool) and all the venues that were popular at the time, Laura Lee Davies (Time Out music critic) claimed that seeing The Planets was one of the best nights out in London. The Planets became one of the top party bands in the UK, known for their brilliant frenzy inducing sets at London’s classic music venues.

In 2017, founding members Al Ross, Alex Mungo and Paul Freeney decided to get back together to record some of the original songs they had written over the years at the legendary Abbey Road Studios together with old colleague David Brammer and new members Paul Miller, George E Well and Terry Mascall. Their debut album “The Planets One” was released to critical acclaim. Just some of the reviews:


“The Planets One is fantastic” - Janice Long,, BBC Radio


"I cannot believe this is a debut album - it is that good. If you love good music, then I can highly recommend this album” - Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Radio


Really nice album - some great tracks recorded at Studio 2 Abbey Road” - Barry James - DJ Radio Caroline


"New album is great …Excellent music…brilliant…love it!” - Geoff Dorset - Express FM Portsmouth


The band started performing live again at legendary London venues including The Troubadour, The Half Moon, Boisdale Canary Wharf and the Camden Blues Kitchen- recreating the exciting, wild nights of incredible music and brilliant performances that they were known for.


In 2019, Producer Marc Rapson and multi-instrumentalist and composer Lyndon J Connah joined the band and work started on a collection of songs that Al and Alex had written over recent years. The band returned to Studio 2 Abbey Road in January 2020 to commence work on the second album. Half way through recording, COVID 19 struck and despite all the many obstacles, the band have managed to record a brilliant new album which will be released late 2021.


In the current era of digital downloads, the band strongly believes there is still demand for an album of great songs. With “The Planets One” and their follow up album, they have created not only an eclectic mix of songs for downloading, but also an immersive listening experience when listened to as a whole. Certainly with the vinyl revival and current Turntable sales, a whole new generation are discovering the joys of listening to a complete album from start to finish.

Great music – brilliant musicians – a classic vibe.

Make sure you get to see 'The Planets' perform when things are back to normal – it's still one of the best nights out in London!


Al Ross - Vocals, Bass

Alex Mungo - Vocals, Keyboards

Paul Miller - Vocal

George E Well - Vocals, Guitar 

David Brammer - Saxophone, Flute

Julian Mungo - Acoustic Guitar

Terry Mascall - Drums 


Paul Freeney - Drums 

David Levin - Acoustic Guitar

Jeremy Huffelmann - Guitar

Tim Connell - Double Bass

Matt Liebeck - Trumpet

Sing Gospel - Choir 



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